casey vespa

street knife fight
2001-10-25 00:48:01 (UTC)

woah i just totally belched...sweet

Wowies...that was a badass belch babe-a...woooooh. today
when we were running in cross country, the ice cream man
went by and it was so impowering i just had to yell,"yeah!
rock on ice cream man!" too bad everyone was like, what the
hell? rock on ice cream man? ooook weirdo. But yeah, it was
a great moment in time...
Dan Kuba got a sweet mohawk...i couldnt help but staring
at him like, all day. Too bad im like two years older than
that lil freshman rad guy. And he would always look at me
and give me the oooh babe-a eyes, and id giggle like a
school girl. That kid is gonna be too cool when he's
older...hell, he's too cool now! And then there's that guy
who looks like brian...a bunch. And i usually just stare at
him a lot just cuz he looks like brian. But today, i was
with rach and this nice chick named melissa and we were
like, standing in the middle of the "quad" (what a gay
word...what the hell is a quad? pshhh)eating with no one
else around us...and the brian look alike walks by pretty
closely...and im like, hey theres that guy that looks like
brian! lets look at him! and he HEARS me and LOOKS at me!!!
oh jeez oh jeez oh jeez...i was soooo embarrassed...and all
he did was toss his head back to get his shaggy hair outta
the way. Ya know the hair, the "in" kind all the skaters
are wearing now...rather shaggy. Nice. Yet unkempt. SO,
yeahhh...embarassing moment for me.
I really shouldnt eat so much candy. That is like all i
eat during the day. Nooooot good, especially since im a
runner and all. I really hope im not doing some sort of
crazy permanent damage and i dont even know it...yikies.
Halloween is comin up...hoora hoora. THANK GOODNESS we dont
have school the day after FOR ONCE! finally they got smart
and realized we all stay out till crazy late hours of the
morn and are so drugged on candy we are incapable of doing
any real work...fuuuun. I am a halloween junky. FUN.
WHere is brian? sigh...that BOY! boys are really bad
these days...yet i love em. They're better than girls. Dumb
girls, so bitchy and gossipy. Sigh. Heather wants to dye my
hair AUBURN. hair is like, down halfway down my
back...lonnnng...about to my elbows...and naturally golden
blonde. Soooo, auburn? hmmmm...innnnnteresting. Welllll see
about this. My bellybutton was SO angry yesterday! grrraaa!
this dumb guy poked me SO HARD right smack dab on my
ring...OUCHIES. Its feelin a lil better...oh and i finally
wrote amanda a turned into a FIVE PAGE, FRONT
AND BACK, letter. THere's a lot to say to a person away in
belgium i spose...
Well, i hate to bore you all with alla this
jibberish...i know even IM getting bored, so im gonna talk
to my crazy drunk punk of a friend louis...bubye and take

rock your socks off