Worm Journal
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2001-10-25 00:43:04 (UTC)

Worm Progress

So here you have it.
My Worm Journal.
This is the online prgress of my Redesi worm, AKA
[email protected]
Redesi A and B have been out in the wild for a few days
now ... Redesi started as a joke, a few sujects thats my
friends wrote that did nothing more than spread, nothing
happened, where was the infamy I craved ?!
I added a payload, format C: on the 11th of Novermber 2001.
Why 11/11/01 ? Because it's armistice ? No. Becasue so many
great people have died on that day, No. for the simple
reason 11/11/01 is the same in the european and the US
calader systems.
Here was the fame I craved. I made it. I was on CERT,
Security focus, Security Searc, CNN, ZDNet and more. I was
discovered. Anti Virus companies had to change their web
site for me, people noticed something I had done. My baby
was free.
At first it was like watching a child grow, seeing her
spread her wings and travel the globe at the speed of
light. People would remeber her birthday, on the 11th of
November Redesi would play a part in peoples lives.
The emotion soon faded and turned into complacency.
I became tired of her progress. "Is this all you are
capabale of ? Spreading via email and wreaking havoc?!".
I appended her code, I dipped into her gene pool and made
her stronger. No longer could she be opened by a simple
debugger, no longer was she restricted to the bounds of an
SMTP server. No, my baby now ripped the heart of the system
out and took it with her on her travels. She now had all
your passwords, as did everyone she blessed with her Midas
like touch.
No longer was she restricted to your email book, no, for
now she would travel with you into the depths of IRC. Send
her sweet smile to anyone and everyone that can near, she
was finaly liberated.
Alas it was not enough.

Today she was finaly found on my machine, by the crass
warning of Norton Anti-virus. How dare you try and
exeterminate my creation, my passion ... my child ?!

I went to work.

Now my dear you truely are free. No more strict rules to
abide by, no more regulations to adhere to, for you are
Redesi. You shall infect every webpage you touch upon, you
shall spawn yourself on every email, you shall explore the
wilderness of shared files and you shall talk your own
language in every IRC channel across the globe.
You'll not stop there. You will infect the systems core
being, you shall encorperate yourself into,
hook executable calls and double your blissfull payload.
You are on your own now my dear Redesi, I can do no more
for you. I have watched you grow, learn, play and now, with
a tear in my eye but a smile on face, I watch you fly the
Goodbye my dear Redesi, may you roam the globe free and
have a long anf fruitfull life.
All my love


For those of you that read this and think "huh?", Redesi is
a worm, a self propogating PE Win32 worm.

She spreads and she hurts those who don't care for her. In
this year of 2001 she has two more deadly touches in her,
one on November 11 and one on October 31 (This date *does*
have a personal segnificence).

I had a bit of a scare today .... there was a loud thumping
at my door very early. I peered from behind the curtain to
see a large white van. Had the poilce caught me ? Had they
a warrent for my arrest ? Oh shit.
I inserted killer into the A drive and reset ... my
prodical son, win32.BoS was now in memory and counting down
from 90, waiting for its key secquence to stop the
imdending data destruction. Even the government could not
get past BoS.
80 seconds.
The banging continued. 'Do I answer the door ? what if they
*can* get to my machine intime to stop BoS ? What if they
had some expert that could bypass his routines ? What if
they kicked in the door ?', 'It's only a door.'.
30 seconds.
I was in a cold sweat, was I to be impounded like a dog for
creating life ? Oh shit.
10 seconds.
No more banging.
5 Seconds.

"BoS Terminated"
"Good Night"

I doubt I'll ever know who was at my door this morning, but
I shall never forget them.

Love and Peace

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