A Private Place
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2001-10-24 23:56:34 (UTC)

Bad Weather

I haven't been on my computer much these past couple of
days because the weather has been stormy. For October, we
are having rain storms for the first time I can actually
remember since I was a little girl. The storm we had last
night was horrible. The rain was coming down very hard (I
live on the 3rd and top floor) and the lightning was bright
and furious, and the thunder was very loud and very close.
We actually had a tornado come into our city, but it did
not touch our side of town! God was watching over us and I
believe that strongly. Where I live today there are a lot
of good people and a few church goers of all different
faiths/beliefs. Our on-site manager is a Chrsitian woman
as well and she believes in the power of God very
strongly. I believe in God's power and miracles that are
seen to the naked eye and visually noticed as well. God is
a great protector.

We are okay here