Borrowed Light
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2001-10-24 23:37:11 (UTC)

Survivor is the antichrist!

got the day off school today, which is pretty cool. mum and
bro just went out to grab some vids, hope they get
something cool for me to watch...not much to say cause im
bored. im just collecting some song lyrics because i
decided when i get my new room im going to cover my walls
in them.

i usually like survivor but i dont know anymore, they drank
cows blood like it was lolly water last night and voted out
my favourite person...damn tribal cannibals!

i am so in love with nickelback and incubus at the moment.
i have been listening to them alot...there not the best out
there, but there music is pretty mellow and nice on my
ears. i think track 6 on "make yourself" is one of my faves
at the mo'....anyway

well not much to say, might write a better entry tonight


Shades of Splendor

Walls stand empty
over a broken land,
on each side children sit and
and wonder what they have.
Dreams lie jagged
on the blood-stained ground,
and we shake our heads,
move on in silent sounds.
And you don't care anymore.
Don't fly, don't see me die,
don't know what living is for.

Hold on to what you have
and dont dare surrender,
the silence of mistakes will fade
into shades of quiet splendor.

by orpheus(poem.org)