The Muffin Man

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2001-10-24 23:12:45 (UTC)

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep

That wasnt a hard one this afternoon. It was sleep. I
just slept from like 5 to 7. I dont know why i was so

I dont know. And my little sisters are spoiled. It really
blows. I asked for a guitar for years, but no they couldnt
get me one. Then the only thing i asked for last year was
at christmas was an electric bass. Nope. For my birthday
same thing, nope we cant get you one. My sister ask for a
guitar, oh sure, tells other little sister she just has buy

WHAT THE FUCK. Thats so unfair. I hate it when parents do
that. I asked for years and they wouldnt get me and yet
they get her one she ask one time. Well fuck can you say
spoiled brat.

Oh well.

I love you trika

everyone else

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