Reality Check
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2001-10-24 22:18:57 (UTC)

time to kill all the guys

Aight, get this....you know how Ryan wasn't talking to me
and he was bein a jackass an everything, well, today Jimmy
wasn't at school cause he had to go see his grandma in the
hospital. so all of a sudden ryan and his crew come over and
chill wit us and he starts flirtin wit me. I was like, hold
up, that's no good. I know he still likes me, but if he's
going to be ignorant and give up our friendship because he
wants more and i can't give that to him, than i see no
reason why i should even bother with him. And today Fred was
hangin on my shoulder, and some guy came up and grabbed my
ass. i didn't even know who the hell he was. Fred was like,
"aight, what the hell you messin with my sista fo?" that guy
was like, nah, i was just messin around. i didn't know she
was yo sista. man, everybody actually believes me and fred
are brother and sista. i mean, we tight enough and
everything, but they seriously believe it. but anyways, when
fred was hangin all ova me that bitch stephanie got upset
and was like, "fred, come over here and give me a masache."
i was like, do what? i don't think so. first that skinny
little blonde bitch tries to take my boyfriend away from me
and now she workin on my best friend who's practically my
bro...i don't think so. i'm gonna put a stop to this shit
right now. And every week Jimmy goes to church on wednesday,
and every week he asks me to go with him. i told him even
before we started going out to not ask me that becuase he'll
never get me to go. God is the biggest part of my life but i
don't do the church thing. But still he insists on asking.
he called me while ago and asked me and was like, "please
baby, i didn't get to see you today and i want to spend some
time with you." then he got mad when i didn't give in. now
he's pissed at me. He thinks it's cause i don't wanna spend
time wit him, but he doesn't understand it's something
bigger than him that's stopping me. it's just how i feel
right now. and he's gonna be an asshole about it. you know
what? i say we kill all the men and live a happy life.