a little piece of me
2001-10-24 22:09:02 (UTC)

only 3 more days...

3 more days until my concert. i can't wait!!! my bro got
me tickets to the pledge of allegience tour. in case you
don't know who's in that (gasp!), it's system of a down,
slipknot, and rammstein. aaaaaaahhhh! i would be
thoroughly excited to see any one of them, but to get to
see all three of them on the same night is just too fuckin
cool! i just can't wait! the anticipation is killing me.
must find something to do to distract myself!

anyway, not much happened today. well, a few things did i
guess. i got a ticket cause my meter expired about 3
minutes before i got back to my car :( damn it. it's only
$3, but that was $3 i could have spent on something else!
let's see...i also got rained on. i have an umbrella, but
i never use it. it started raining today and i didn't have
it with me, so i looked like a drown rat by the time i got
to my next class. lol, it was so much fun. people were
running everywhere, and freaking out and stuff. not i. i
strolled along leisurely, with a huge grin on my face
(people already think i'm nuts, why not give em a reason,
eh?). i love rain. i love storms more, but the rain was
fun today.

i also finally remembered to buy more stretcher bars, but i
took off and left them here today. i had to run home and
get them. i also love stretching a new canvas. my piece
of canvas barely fit, so i really had to pull. hurts my
hands like you wouldn't believe, but once you get it made,
and you have this huge, fresh, white canvas...i
dunno...it's so nice. besides, it's cheaper to make your
own than to buy one already made. i got gesso all over
myself, but i don't think i've gone a single day without
making a mess! what's the point of art if you don't get
messy? like my painting teacher always says...it's not so
much the subject of the art that makes it art, it's the
process. i like that. this painting is going to be a
landscape. nice change from the past two...they were still
lifes. i'm going to do a painting of an african
sunset...you know, bright orange and yellow sky, with a
black silhouette of a tree, maybe a grazing giraffe...then
i'm going to paint an animal print border all the way
around. some zebra, leapard, tiger, giraffe...might sound
cheesy, but i don't care. it's going to be a huge
painting, so i don't know where i'm going to put it when
i'm done.

ok, well that's enough drivel for one day...or for one
sitting at least. gotta go play with my new birdie!