Schmarmish Blaffle
2001-10-24 21:56:59 (UTC)

She just... collapsed.

Today I attended a funeral for a fourteen year old girl.
Karen was my first friend when I moved here. We were best
friends for the first half of grade 7, then we didn't
really talk to each other until the end of grade 8, when we
started sitting together on the bus. And now she's gone.
They say that her heart just stopped, right after her
basketball game was over- Amy and Natalie saw it happen.
She just... collapsed.
I'm fourteen. I have a lot more that I want to do with my
life... and she did too. And now she can't... it's a cruel
world sometimes.
So, there's a lot of thoughts in my head right now- but
they're already written down in my actual journal, and I
would really, really not like to have to relive them. So,
well... I'll miss you Karen. I really will.
marley, who now has to go babysit.