Just Another Dumb Blonde
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2001-10-24 21:36:26 (UTC)


i hate it. i wish it dead. high school needs to just burn
up and go to hell. i hate the people there, my so called
FRIENDS the most. i wish i was dead. who am i kidding, high
school wont die, but i sure as hell can. I HATE!!!!!!! I
JUST HATE. what the fuckhappend to me?! i used to be all
loving and like "love the world and those around u"
BULLSHIT. there is no love. only deciet and lies and
pain.... all equal hate.
fucking guys. the whole fucking scool thinks that i am
all of the following becuase of guys: 1)a slut, 2)a moron,
3)a lier, 4)a tease, 5)the chick with the third nipple.
slut, because guys thot it wud be funny to see if people
belived them. moron, cuz im blonde and stereotyped. lier,
cuz i defend myself and no one belives me. tease, cuz now
that i have a slut reputation, i dont like to even touch
anyone in fear they mite make it into something more. oh,
and chick with the third nipple. that is because i refused
to flash my "tits" as they called them to a bunch of guys.
they therefore assumed i must be deformed in some way. so
now im called, third nipple. it sux because people now
actually belive that i have a third nipple. defending
myself again....
have to go now, im off to the dmv to try and get a lisence
appointmnt. goody, i get to look forward to another failure
in my pathetic existance.