Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-24 21:09:44 (UTC)


1776 is hilarious!!!

"Sweet Jesus!" "My God!"

They say that SO MUCH! Okay, sure, it was made in the 70s
and is a musical of sorts, it's just that FUNNY!!!!!

The drunk delegate from Rhode Island.
Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. ("Positive-LEE!")
Lyman Hall.
That dude that rolls his r's. ("That'd be trrrreason!")
The New Englanders in general.
Benjamin Franklin and his cart thing.
All the "yay"-ing and "nay"-ing.
George Washington's message to the Congress.
That "Sit Down John" song...

And dammit, I WANNA SEE SAMUEL ADAMS!!!!!!!! Okay, now, I
think he's pretty cool, going and organizing the Boston Tea
Party. LET'S SEE SOME SAM!!!!!!!
And, there's some West Wing connections here. Now I
FINALLY get to learn about Bartlet's ancestor. Although,
the old Josiah Bartlett spelled his name with two Ts, and
the WW Josiah Bartlet spells it with one... funny, it is.
Anything else??? Nope. My boring life revolves around
West Wing and history. Dang. I'm rather pathetic. People
seem to think I'm bitter. I'm not, in my own defense.


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