Penny for my Thoughts
2001-03-13 18:22:23 (UTC)

And the week perceeds to the..

And the week perceeds to the next and higher level of time.
So much lost in only the project that seemed to be of great
importance. Tell me what I must feel on days such as this.
I write to inspire...myself and no not even the brightest
person can see through my thoughts, and into my soul where
the whiteness of my laughter can play freely.
So it is in my best interest that I keep these feelings to

Butter love is what they call it. Finding the perfect piece
of lost time and filling it with the milkiness of perfect
love. Show me the center of what you call honesty.
I hold no grudges as to where you go or what you speak of.
I fell a long time ago, and today I start anew.

Change can feel different huh?