Empty Canvas
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2001-10-24 19:53:41 (UTC)

A blured painting

Relationships are like a blurred painting, you can never
really see what lies underneath- what the real picture is.
I guess I am in the "LIMBO" of relationships- not exactly
in one yet still however loyal as I can be to one guy that
I really really like- possibly love alot. I'm not sure if
he feels the same way about me however- I always get this
answer-"neither you or i can predict the future". Hmmmm...I
know it sounds fishy, but at least he's honest and isn't
telling me lies. He's my best friend ever. Anyways- i got
accepted to another college today, i have to enroll for
classes still, but at least for now I am gonna be going
back- I spent a quarter at AIA- art institute of atlanta-
is costed me over $7000.00 , and the job outcome didnt look
to bright- and I was stuck in a trashy dorm/apartments-
student housing with 3 roommates- one who lived like a PIG!
I'm sorry, i may not be a neat freak but i do have my
standards. Anyways I did really good on my compass test-
and got a 19 on ACT, and i had a 3.6gpa at AIA, and A 3.0
from HS. so Im gonna go to greenville tech just to take
some basic classes- for now, untill i transfer out to a 4
yr- or 2yr to get a degree. Anywho- tommorrow im going to
job services- i need a job badly, i know the economy is
down- but i have no skills, and ive already applyed to over
20 places- only got one interview- and yet I STILL HAVE NO
JOB! eagh...what to do what to do,,, im gonna have grey
hair by the time i turn 20 at this rate! oh bother well
this is the life of an 18 yr old for ya!-dagger

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