What's up now?
2001-10-24 19:53:20 (UTC)

It's just one of those days.....

Ya know the days when you just feel like snuggling up in
your big sweat pants, oversized sweatshirt, and watching a
good movie? Well I am having one of those days! I am in
my nice big sweats, except I cant just watch a mmovie...I
have to do work. DAMN! Oh well at least my meeting was
canceled!!! It was pouring earlier, so I went for a nice
long run, and tried to give myself an opportunity to
relax...but finally the sun has decided to peek itself out,
so thats enjoyable! The whole apartment situation has all
been figured out! So thats a HUGE stress taken away!! Now
its just getting ready for all of those test that I wish I
would have had during midterms like normal people had. Oh
well...Tonight's Yoga night, I'm so ready for it! I'm
going to have to find more time for it other than just
Wednesdays...I know Rachel feels the same, the only problem
is that after the SAC I am sooo exhausted...we'll see, at
least I'm doing it tonight!! YEA for yoga!