Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-24 19:41:12 (UTC)

If you choke a smerf what color does it turn ?

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here only I am going to make a decision on
what to do about chris and I ! I think I already have my
mind made up but I have to ask him one question and then I
will know how to decide ! Ok well on another note , today
was so cool ! OK first I missed 1st and 2nd hour cause I
was singin for these rich people and eating breakfast with
them!!!! If you choke a smerf what color does it turn? Why
do they have brail (those bumpy things so blind people can
see) on the drive thru ATM machine ?! Why do they have a
sticker on the bottom of that bucket of paint that says "Do
not turn over " ??? Want me to keep going I have more !
LOL ! Ahhhh it was so much fun at the thing . only I
totally lost my voice so I got this stuff from my dad that
I had to put in my drink and I had to drink it all day ! It
like heals sore throats and yea ! It tastes ICKY ! but it
works ! but that stuff has like I don't know something in
it that made me sooooooo HYPER !!!! haha ! Kati and Hui can
justify that ! haha PENIS!!!!!! LOL inside joke ! Not what
you think most likely !!!!! Haha ! Ok then after lunch Hui
was super upset !!!!!!!! Hui , hunny whats wrong ? I know
it has something to do with . . . . . . yea but he won't
tell me whats up !!!!! grrrr ! that upsets me ! cause he
always tells me everything and now he won't so it is
serious !!!!! OK well hmmmmmm I had a good convorsation
with Katie H. in class and yea we discussed some
stuff !!!!!! She is such a sweet heart ! Luv ya hun !
Dearly not queerly ! (sp?) Tomorrow I leave for my aunts
wedding !!!!!! Yes!!!! I am so geeked out about
that !! ! !
I gotta bounce