aris' thoughts
2001-10-24 18:27:00 (UTC)


well the Devils won again making it 3-0 record least they
on a roll now. i talked to Mistress today about bob and She
has given the ok to try being 'comfy' with him. i have to
try i feel 15 years with one person is long time to just
thro away. i know some of whats wrong is wrong because of
me so i have to make an effort here. so today when he gets
home Mistress said to give him a hugg and see how he
reacts. am nervous about it tho, have not hugged or been
hugged in alongggg time soo will just have to see what
happens i do as my Mistress says sooooo we will see.

Mistress is at hospital having a test done and i am a
nervous wreck , not only for her test but i had forgotten
my clamps at my moms and had to get them *worried*.... i
should NEVER have forgotten them and fear i am in trouble.
other than this all is fine, kids are great and so on.
nothing else really to say at this time just nervous cause
Mistress was not happy with me when She left.