No Parking Any Time
2001-10-24 17:59:37 (UTC)

Let's call them the ...

I can't believe this people. They're so weird. They have
skirts up to their ass and nobody says anything about it
except for me and about 4 other people. It's so dirty,
especially when the person who wears it is dirty, and so
ignorant. Stuck up little ! I hate it, it's not even
funny. Anyway, I am at school right now, not cutting a
class or anything, of course, like I would actually do that
or anything, but I am in this science research program, and
it got really boring so I asked if I could go to the
library. She said yes, and that's why I'm here. The other
class that is in this room keeps singing weird songs...It's
pretty funny actually...I'm in a good mood today...I have a
party to go to tonight, it's a Halloween one. I'm going to
be a cheerleader, which is not hard, because I am one.
Anyway, I better go now, I have some paper I have to
research that I really don't want to do, and it has to be
done tomorrow, two pages. I'll tell you more tonight.
Song of the day - "Here's To The Night" -Eve 6