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2001-10-24 17:56:40 (UTC)

On a camel to Udaipur

Welcome again! So we went on a camel trip in Jaisalmer.
Imagine a camel, no motivation whatsoever and some guys who
haven't even been able to steer a horse.. so the result is
- a camel walking very slowly through the desert and a
tourist getting a little bored. but you get compensated for
that by sleeping under the sky, seeing shooting stars all
night long and enjoying the silence of the dunes. but that
was enough after a day and a half. so we embarked on a 14
hour jorney to udaipur, the city of the james bond movie
octopussy and worthwile it is! Udaipur is a lovely city
next to a lake and is really laidback. so the last few days
we have relaxed on our hotel terrace, eaten, looked at
temples and palaces and rented some scooters, a lot of fun!
tomorrow we are heading south, so more news from the
equator region, take care,