A Fragment of Purusha
2001-10-24 17:49:56 (UTC)

Queen of Wands, Reversed

Actually made it to Statistics today. That's a miracle in
itself. Got a lot of reviewing to do for that class. Got a
presentation to start working on for Symbolic Logic. Got a
paper to start thinking about in Nuclear Weapons: History
and Physics. Got a group presentation and some books to
read for Psychology and Religion. I think the only class
where I don't have something in is Chorus. College is fun,

Had friends come over last night and stay over way later
than I wanted them to. Overall it was okay though, because
I still made it to my Statistics course on time. Playing
Metal Gear Solid until I beat it didn't help much either.
Feasted on Indian pudding as well. It was quite tasty.

So far it's a drippy day outside, but not too cold thank

Showed up to work to find out most of the checksheets I
needed to do my job were missing. Had to send out an e-mail
to the workers telling them to start doing their job.

Maybe I'll write more tonight.

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