my manic world
2001-03-13 15:35:58 (UTC)

padre island, the place for..

padre island, the place for spring breakers to get drunk,
show skin, more skni, and all their skin, the place mtv
likes to visit, where teenagers and young adults get wild
and crazy. the perfect spring break place. was i suppose
to be there this week??? yes i certainly was,
dummb ass friends decided to leave the first weekend of our
break. i had asked off for wednesday till sunday and they
left this past friday. i guess thats okay though. i
really didn't have the money to go.

anyways....i am so glad katie is going to read breave new
girl, its so awesome. i'm sure you'll relate to her
sweetheart. if you like that book, i also just finished
the perks of being a wallflower. yes yes guys, i go
through books like underwear, almost every day,
hahahaha.....just kidding, i go through underwear
everyday. uumm.....yea, but that book is also really good,
maybe better than brave new girl. i guess i related to it
more. anyhow, i must be going. have work soon, and gotta
take care of some shit before then. till next time.....
this is crystal, signing off

(okay, i know i'm a retard sometimes, so don't laugh to