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2001-10-24 17:09:07 (UTC)

Blame Hollywood (Washington Times)

"The widespread booing of Sen. Hillary [Rodham] Clinton
at Saturday night's Madison Square Garden mega-benefit for
the World Trade Center victims was regrettable — well, sort
of — but hardly surprising," the New York Post says.
"After all, New York police and firefighters were
given prime seats for the all-star concert, and they
remember all too well what the state's junior senator has
had to say about New York's finest — pre-Sept. 11, that is.
"Her husband, the former president, also took his
share of jeers from the crowd, which apparently considered
him an inappropriate choice to deliver a tribute to heroism
(or even speak of it).
"Once again, the booing was a little tacky — yet
entirely understandable," the newspaper said in an
"Besides which, we have to wonder: Why do the
Hollywood types have to turn an event like this one into a
celebration of Bill and Hillary?
"Miramax Films honcho Harvey Weinstein, who organized
the concert with Paul McCartney, is one of the Clintons'
closest friends and was perhaps their biggest Hollywood
benefactor — and his devotion to the former First Couple is
legendary, as is his role as one of Tinseltown's top
"Which may also explain why Democrats like Senate
Majority Leader Tom Daschle were featured — while not a
single member of the Bush administration appeared, even by
remote video.
"Even on a fabulous night like this one, the Hollywood
types couldn't leave their partisanship at home.
"How sad."