2001-10-24 16:42:55 (UTC)

I feel so lonely!!!

Hey People,
I'm sitting here in vanmeters class again, (bored)
Carrie and Brandon are finally going together THANK GOD. So
far all day if Brandon sees me and can't find her he askes
me where she's at. I FEEL LONELY because Shane has been in
another room all morning taking a three hour test, He just
now got out, and I don't have anymore classes with him.
Tonight is going to be bad because of a certain parent that
wants to talk to my brother, Me and my brother, Marty, are
best friends I love him and everything WILL work out with
you and krista, just hold in there!!! . Well anyways
Brandons over here beside me while im typing this stapling
our worksheets (slowly) LOL. I don't know of much to say
today... But I will say that I WANT SHANE IN HERE RIGHT
NOW......IM JUST SO LONELY AND BORED. Well I'm gonna go
because this day is really beginning to suck. I was having
fun until third period because I fell asleep.
Bye Carrie, Bye Brandon, Renee, Mary I know ya'll are gonna
read this too so Bye.
And Shane Bye Baby I love you...Never ever take another
test like that again its too freakin lonesome around here
without you.
Love Ya'll,