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2001-10-24 15:30:32 (UTC)


.......Yeah I am so completly grounded!!! I hate that you
know. Mom wants me to be like I was before and all
respansible and all that but I can't be if I can't go
anywhere or do anything you know.. And being grounded isn't
doing anything for me you know um.. Whatever I did to get
grounded I'll do again and obviously I have done it again
you know. She said we were gonna try and work something
out. But I don't know how to show her that I'll change or
try and all that, If I can't do anything. And I don't want
to saound like a big baby or something you know but Gary
can go out all day and night and not call and they say dick
to him. Monday he went to wanlk his friend down the street
and didn't come back for 3 hours and no one knew where he
was and he doesn't have a pager so they can't get in touch
with him or anything, but he walked in and everything was
fine. I go over amanda's for a few hours and I called 3
times and told them where she lives and I got grounded and
I can't go anywhere for a long time. I don't want to sound
like I'm complaining but that's what happends and it gets
in my nerves you know. I wish I could work something out
with my mom that I am the same I was, but she's just being
harder on me than she was before and that's making me mad
so I do different things. And one other thing is that I
never have freedom, I never had freedom and now that I have
a little I take advantae of that because when I go out at
night I know that no matter what I;m gonna get in trouble
at home and be grounded and not be able to go out again you
know, so I do as much as I can.