What's on my mind
2001-10-24 14:35:18 (UTC)

Tired of the news

I am so tired of Anthrax in the news. They are making
it look like it the worse thing that has happened ever.
They are making us look like a bunch of frantic wimps.
Anthrax is not a real threat. Yes it has killed 3 people
and that is very unfortunate. But we know how to identify
it and we know how to treate it if caught in time. It is
not a big threat. The WTC and Pentagon incidents were a
real threat and killed thousands. That is something to
worry about. A bomb is more deadly than Anthrax. I wish
the news would just stop blowing it out of proportion.
Sure they should report these things but they are reporting
it as if the terrorists are succesfully attacking us and
that is just not true. We need to worry more about an
airborne communicable from person to person virus that has
no cure or vaccine not Anthrax. When will the media start
showing our country as a strong country that can overcome
attacks and still live on instead of a country that falls
apart, hides and worries about not being able to defend
itself which is not the truth at all. We are the strongest
country in the world and we are capable of overcoming any
opposition that faces us. If the terrorist keep attacking
us we will keep on making them suffer till they are wiped
out or realize that they should have just left us alone.
America was the sleeping giant that they woke up. This was
started by them but we will finish it.