Evil Elvis
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2001-10-24 12:24:49 (UTC)

Financial Recovery....the Elvis solution

Have many ideas and plans to help me on my way be to
solubility (no I don't want to melt in a cup, I just want
CASH!!) Anyway, if I write them down in here then I'm
obliged to do them!! Or something..

idea 1-sell Skateboard....seems like a very reasonable
idea, I bought it in a frenzy of "must try and be young
again" and have been on it exactly 3 times...should raise
some pennies.

idea 2- cash in the loose change in novelty Coke
bottle..should be a nice wee wad in there, last time D and
I looked there was about £70 in change..I never carry
anything under 50p (just like the Queen, maybe..) so there
should be a wee bit there.

idea 3-put petrol in the car at the begining of month and
NOT AGAIN THAT MONTH!! Difficult but will cut down on
those "just popping round to the shops" type drives....also
will mean walking more, hence getting me fit and doing my
bit for the enviroment! A GOOD ALL ROUND IDEA THIS, EVEN IF

idea 4-eat less....seems obvious, need to lose weight, need
to save money...I hear pasta and rice are nice around this
time of year...cheap too :)

Idea 5-cable has been cut off for non-payment (AGAIN!!)
will keep it off this time. Do I really need all those
channels that I don't watch anyway?!?! I think we know the
answer to that one...AS long as I get my phone/net access
reconnected...I miss my friends on-line :(

Basically, will be paid some expenses soon, these will go
to help pay AMEX for the car bill. The overdrawn bank type
money will be resolved via the Coke bottle and Skateboard

selling some cd's is also the way forward....do I really
need that Take That greatest hits that hasn't been played
for years?? Maybe I should keep it as a "crowd pleaser" for
a cheesy party that I'll never have!?

I see a way out of this...so long as I can afford to feed
Thumper and pay for Xmas I am cool!