Borrowed Light
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2001-10-24 12:10:18 (UTC)

op shop cool

well school again today you know how it is..boring? yes
thats right. except it was a wednesday so i went home at
12:30..that was cool, cept i didnt do what i really wanted
to after then. i wanted to go get coffee, but i felt
obligated to spend the afternoon with jen and beck. i have
been a little snappy of late because of some home stuff,
and im sure they think their is a big conspiracy going on
behind their backs. i made some good excuses about why i
have been down without disclosing the complete truth..kept
everyone happy.

beck has been very defensive lately, she has hit puberty a
little later than me and jen(not a bad thing) cept she is
going through her moodie-everyone-else-is-wrong stage. she
wouldnt talk to me and jen for most of the afternoon which
made me regret going there, but it got sorted...me and jen
had a good hour long chat about how us three have been a
little edgy lately, and how it is absolute pandomonium
when all three of us are in bad moods, we came up with a
solution of just giving each other space. it should work
because sometimes i think thats all we need. we also talked
about general stuff...it was really nice and lifted me out
of my black mood a bit, not entirely but im on the lighter
side of the darkness now. im very happy about that...

i had small group tonight. we all had to dress daggy, it
was really fun. i changed daggy to wacky and wore a very
retro punkish kind of outfit. i had one pigtail up one
down, a pink viser and blach skorts and pink singlet, one
blue eye shadowed eye one pink. one sock up one down. it
looked very funky an a little cool. nothin id wear weekly
though, although i am going opshopping on sunday, and
changing my fashion. whilst in tasmania i adopted my
individuality, but when i got back here i wanted to be how
everyone remembered me and changed back...oh well.

im rambling tonight and i thinks it is cause im not
focused. school tomorrow, joy! i think ill go have some
coffee, god nows i need it...i probably wont sleep well
tonight, but i never do so thats not a big deal.

hmm well corey might be a visitor here soon, i trust him
enough and have for ages, im just waiting for the right

well talk to you tomorrow im sure.


i don't want the world to see me,
'cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am."
-Goo Goo Dolls

that has to be one of my favourite song quotes, im a big goo
goo dolls fan. i think that quote really grabbed me today
for some reason, subconciously im sure i know why, but
conciously i dont.

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