Empty Canvas
2001-10-24 11:47:40 (UTC)

Sketches of another world

love, what is it? Isn't love one of the hardest things in
life to accomplish, because not only are you getting to
know someone else, but you are interacting with them,
helping and living with them. I dunno what real love is
yet, Im still trying to figure out men, but hey give me
time, and i will eventually figure it out. I do know this-
a life without meaning is no life at all, everyone should
have someone in their life that they can love.
I think i love this one guy with all my heart, now i just
need to find the confidence and determination to stick with
him. It hasnt been easy, and it may get even harder with
time, but I'm not afriad... i WILL always be his friend
before anything else and I can promise him that I will
always be here for him, even if we do live 4 minutes away
from each other and never see each other alot...this really
bites. Im going to a college counciler today, and job
services hopefully....i need advice and a job. I have to at
least keep taking classes.