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2001-10-24 08:38:56 (UTC)

Howdy Howdy Howdy....

Just wanted to pop into my diary ...Say "hello" to those of
you that I know read everytime I update...For that I thank
you ,my friends.Life is going pretty good here,but you know
how it can be ,when life is alright we still wish for it to
be better.As you most of you know it's almost
Halloween ,damn how I love Halloween.Again this year we
will have our annual get together late in the chat
room .For myself Halloween will be over but for most of you
my friends it will still be all Hallows Eve.This year we
will be meeting in the "Haunted Cemetary" I look forward to
seeing all of you, don't forget to wear your Halloween Id
Names...Hope it is just as fun as last year if not
better...Have a wonderful day ....Loves Ya All ...