the wanderer

doo-hickey nonsense
2001-10-24 08:34:32 (UTC)

Lonely Owl

Woke up at 7 p.m. (P.D.T.) earlier. In my annual fall trench.
It's sad, but I'm beginning to accept it. Pretty sure it won't
ever be as bad as it initially was. That person still exists,
but has been exposed to many views since then. I see
people around me fret over the most miniscule things, even
after tragic events have entered their lives. Hopefully they'll
get the message before another arises. I find myself in that
mix on occasion, however, most of the time I catch

If only...I had some superpower that could just freeze
everything, I mean EVERYTHING, so everyone can step
outside of themselves and see what they are and aren't doing.
Guess, that's the small amount of wishful thinking that's still
inside me. Think about it, humans are so desensitized, that
even if there was a Second Coming (that's if there was a first
one, but that's another story), who the hell would realize
it?! We're trained/brainwashed to automatically think
miraculous things are conjured up for the sake of profit.
I do believe there is a great percent of the population of this
earth that share my same views, but, like me, are clueless
about how to act upon them. Maybe we ARE waiting for a
certain leader. Again, he/she/it would likely be considered
an anti-christ, fraud, cult leader,'s worth the