A goth's adventures in New Orleans
2001-10-24 07:20:08 (UTC)

Oh Gods

Well, I figured some things out today. Because of T, I am
no longer in a finiancial state to actualy have fun on my b-
day, or Holloween for that matter. I'm still going out,
but it won't be what I wanted. I wanted a nice relaxing
drink, now it's "can I afford the next drink?" I havn't
been this dissapointed and depressed in a long time. At
least I am still gonna go see Tori, tickets already paid
for. That's about the only positive thing about this. The
way my luck runs though the woman I'm supposed to go with
will cancel on me or something will come up.

Why does this always happen? Every time I get to a point
where I'm cought up on bills and looks like I'm gonna be
stable again and not worry about money, something happens
to knock me back down.

I realy hate life sometimes.