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2001-10-24 06:41:32 (UTC)

First entry

This is my beginning in trying to actually commit
myself to something and to keep up with it. I hope there
will be many more entries to come, but while I'm here...

It's Tuesday and my week feels like it still hasn't
started yet. I guess it's because I haven't started my new
life yet. About one month ago I quit my job of three years,
got married, and moved to New Mexico. WOW! that's alot for
a few weeks. BIG life changes. I still haven't gotten used
to anything yet. Right now I spend my days laying around
the house, watching TV. I know, I know...it sounds like
heaven, but believe me you would be bored too.
I start my new job this friday and I wonder how it's
going to be. I'm a little scared at the whole getting to
know new people. again! as a child my father was in the
army so we constantly moved around. State to state, country
to country. I always had to make new friends. But, I was
beginning to settle myself somewhere in Texas. San Antonio
was my new home and then my fiance went and took a job in
Albuquerque. That's okay though. i'm always up for a new
adventure. We got married and I moved over here to be with
him. he was my boyfriend/fiance for about 6 years. LONG
anyhow, i had been living in SA for about five years
and was getting settled and used to the city. That's were i
went to college, and i had great friends there. THere was
always something to do, someone to hang out with. Now I'm
over here and all i have is my husband. Don't get me wrong
i love him and i love spending time with him, but I wish i
knew more people. I wish i could change sceneries every now
and then. Anyway. this is turning into a really long first
entry and according to my promise in the beginning, I have
many more to go.
so that's it for now.