Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-10-24 06:40:40 (UTC)

Baby Thoughts

I had an OB appointment on the 23rd.They needed to give me
a culture* which I expected to be as pleasent as getting a
pap smear.I hadnt been that nervous since my Glucose test.I
went in and there was a new nurse that brought my folder
over and opened the bathroom for me.I couldnt fill the cup
of urine that well though I always have to pee.She smiled
at me and told me it was enough.Then after she took my
vitals she walked me to the back rooms and gave me a paper
cloth for my exam.She even walked around the room to check
that everything was there.I had Dr.Stern this time.He's the
one that's extra pleasent to be around,and hes cute too
which didnt help.Once I was lieing down with his cute face
out of sight I relaxed and let him do the swabs.When it was
almost over he put what seemed like his whole arm up me to
see how diolated I was.It was such a sick feeling!
They told me I was 1 cm diolated.Then they said the baby
was almost 6 lbs. and to call them if I happen to have
contractions 45 minutes apart.I got a little upset and said
my web site says the baby should be 6 1/2 lbs now.Dr.Stern
told me that I should be glad he isnt that big because
labor will be easier.He reasured me that the baby was
growing everything he should be growing correctly just not
as big as the estamated average.The receptionist that I
love to talk to told me shes seen plenty of women have 5lb
babies who had positive APGR scores so at almost 6 lbs I
should be ok.
I copied 8 pages of the stages of labor from my favorite
site It's broken into 3 main stages.I
looked around diffrent sites for what to pack for the time
I go to the hospital.I dont like to listen to Enya no
matter how many people recomend the CD for relaxing.I
figure I'll end up trashing a lot of my clothes I bring due
to all the blood and stuff.Thats ok though because I plan
on going shopping for new clothes after I deliver.I need
new shoes but Im going to wait for the 6 week blood flow to
stop.Hopefully by then my feet wont be so huge in the
morning and thinner at night from water retaining.I love my
salsa and salty tortilas.
My bf wants to take off a few days when Austin comes home
with me.He wants Austin and me to spend the first nights at
his house.Is this one of his brothers theories of baby
bonding or my bfs way of still desperately trieing to
change my mind about where to live?I told my bf I dont know
how I'll feel yet after giving birth.It is my first time
being pregnant,you know.Austin wont be able to see clear
for a while and wont need tub baths for atleast a week.Im
only 1/2 ok so far about spending our first days with both
the boys.Ive been scared about how seeing my bf hold Austin
in a hospital getup will make me feel when I have to
seperate it.I wish my bf didnt live as far away.Then my
guilt would force me to move with him leaving less excuses
for me to use.
My Expected Delivery Date has changed from 11-18 to 11-
15.It isnt that big of a deal being just an estemate.I want
it to be sooner.I want this diversion of shoe tieing to be
out of the way.My mom says that it stops hurting here
(pointing to my belly)and starts tightening here(losely
gripping my throat)Very funny mom!Id simply rather be
rocking him to sleep than flipping him around the sofa all
night.It would be safe for him to be born now so what is he
waiting for?