hello kitty cat
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2001-10-24 05:29:31 (UTC)


I was on the barricade between P-Nut and Nick
Hexum...I was blown away..I did not expect any of it...They
blow their CD's away once you see them live...maybe that's
why no one can see them just once. It was the worst pit
I've ever been in. Music is like a drug. I want the full
effects..I'm a dumbass...a genuine dumbass...My left ear is
so gone...I need to wear earplugs..I almost blew it out
tonight....I went to the show with Candice and Katy...they
saw Mike Garcia and Cheeze..I just saw Cheeze. It's like
some bad dream coming to life when I see them again..but
the type that's not even QUITE's just so damn weird
that you categorize it as bad. Alien Ant Farm was
ehh..surprise surprise. They're so into their image. 311
was beautiful though. I've had my fix...I'll be good for a
few weeks...if I'm lucky.