2001-10-24 04:45:54 (UTC)


Why did this guy approach me today? Its seems as if he did
it just for me. As it was all a set up with his friend to
get close to me. As Emily said. There wasn't a reason for
them to come over. They didn't really doing any talking
with me. Still yet Steve avoids eye contact. Does he really
like me? Why won't he take the next step? He knows i'm
interested. Seing him with his ex today didn't help much.
No problem though. If its ment to happen it will. I'm not
rushing things. I am near my goal and wont step back. I've
done what I can. He has the final say but til then I will
relax. Everyone wants whats hard to get and out of their
reach right? Exactly! I am just gonna go relax cuz if I
odn't I iwll go insane. Dreams are my favorite part. I see
what I want and I'm closer to him as I like. If only it
weren't a dream. A sincere hug would make my day wonderful!

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