Evil Twin

Must i have some cute or catchy name for
2001-10-24 04:39:45 (UTC)

ok, so i over reacted!!!

Just like i said, i over-reacted. I think.

Well, Stephanie came out to IHOP tonight (YEA!!!!), so i
finally got to see her again. It's been over a week, i
think, since the last time i saw her, and she still makes
my heart flutter whenever she is around! Yeah, i know, it
sounds cheesy. Well, fuck you. I really do like her.

I cannot say that i didn't mean everything i said in my
previous posts; if i didn't mean it i wouldn't have said
it. Of course i am still deathly afraid that something bad
may happen, i am always gonna be afraid of that. But each
time she comes around, just the way she acts and the way
she looks at me, instills a whole lot more confidence in me
than i could possibly describe.

Now if i could only let this damn guard down....