2001-03-13 07:17:36 (UTC)

do you ever feel someones pay..

do you ever feel someones pay so much that you feel even
worse then they do? i did. i have. i am doing just that.
it's a horrible feeling that takes over your mind and body
and terrorizes at each second as you walk and look around.
your eyes hurt and your head aches and your body is
wandering. your just going through the motions but your
soul is not at ease and you are drifting farther away from
reality. this existence. is it really real? or am i just
caught up? oh how i am awaare. i am you are you are me. the
thoughts, the emotion, have all been revoked. and prevoked.
i love you mr. and i understand you as well. i hope and i
wish that i can be of assistance. please let me in on your
secrets. i want to be there for you darling.