My Deepest Thoughts
2001-10-24 04:28:28 (UTC)

Tuesday Eve

Dear Friend,
Keeping a diary is a bigger responsibility than I expected.
It's nothing 2 sum people, but I'm not ur average person..
I had my 1st music lesson on snare drum 2day. It went well.
I'm pretty good @ it. In about a year I'll probably be
playing drumset. How I long 4 those days..not that snare's
bad or anything. Wess is really nice. He's a drummer in a
band & teaches me music lessons. I think he likes teaching
me. He was impressed that I like Nickelback. GO ME! I'm not
1 of those little POP freaks.. Anywho, Wess started his 1st
band when he was 14 so I could start 1 in a few years 2.
Depends. If a record company gets me & tries 2 trun me in2
sum little freak like Dreamstreet, I may take a few years 2
recuperate. Lol. Anywho, more from me lata ma homie! Peace

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