Reality Bites
2001-10-24 04:01:44 (UTC)

Ok so the Jesse thing is..

Ok so the Jesse thing is progressing quite nicely
surprisingly! When I was gone yesterday he asked Mia and
Hailie for my # durring math class in front of everyone
(lol expecially the chick who likes him). I was quite
excited. They told me he said he wanted to give me a call
and say hey and see how I was....only after one day isnt
that cute major!! I talked to him last night online cause
they didnt give him my # so he'd have to ask me
himself...props to them on strategy! lol. He was really
cute on-line...if that's possible, I only mean he said cute
things haha. Then today in math he and I were passing notes
and it was great:) He was so cute...lemme tell ya! I really
hope SOMETHING happens w/ doesnt need to be
tomarrow or anything...this is wierd, because wow! For once
I'm FRIENDS w/ a guy b4 I like him. Maybe this is the step
I've been missing all along! haha

In other news...Kate talked to Kyle today!!! OMG She hella
likes him.....Gabe likes her tho so its hard..she doesnt
wanna hurt him, its a sticky situation if I ever saw one.
Rob's b-day is soon...Thursday to be exact. Alyssa and I
need to start planning, although tomarrow she's going to
Tammy's for a "Lit project" whatever I'm over it. Tammy is
like the laughing stock of our school.

I talked to Carli tonight, she was telling me about the
going's on of her school....Glad I'm not her stuck in all
that drama.

OOOH! Mia got asked out today by Anthony!!! I was SO happy!
Right after he asked her, she ran and like jumped on me
when i was talking to Cory and them. I was like MIA!!! IM
SO HAPPY FOR YOU! and we were screaming&jumping in the
halls and it was so funny.

Me,Tim,Alyssa,and Jenn went downtown today and chilled. We
met our little 9th grade sweeties Jeremy and Andy and we
all took the bus together except Tim. It was fun. I gtg
study...midterms this week! xoxox