Channel 14
2001-10-24 03:48:09 (UTC)

First things first.

Hi, name’s Egress.
Raven, Harlequin, Mr. Thyme, and most recently Patch. For
the purposes of this diary I shan’t use names unless I
forget not to, so aliases all around!. I am in fact setting
up this diary so my dear friend and first love Butch can
peek into and comment on my life as much as I comment on
(I do this by visiting her website, try it it’s fun : but then go to, cuz it’s da
chunky )
So, something about myself then.
1) Entertainer, I cannot stress this enough. I view
entertainment a step below godliness.
2) Artist, which I view AS godliness.
3) Bi
4) Either psychotic or open minded. I haven’t decided which
5) Currently have my hair parted on the left
Now that we have the formalities out of the way,
diary stuff....

I’ve realized something, I am easily convinced. If
I get in my head a bad opinion of someone or something....
No, let me try again. I have a class in printmaking
currently. Now, I have issues as to how it’s being taught,
her method is to toss us in a lake and fail us if we drown.
It’s an introductory class though. We should be introduced
to printmaking, not picking out dinnerware and meeting each
other’s parents.
(I now explain printmaking as a series of dates:
Act I
So I've met relief before. I messed around with her when I
was younger, time to time in school and so on. So, she’s
easy to get on with and all, but she’s sometimes a little
funny, like, you’ll be goin along fine, and you mess up?
There is now way to go back with her. You cut something
away, it’s gone. Now, with experience, you learn to avoid
this. But you’re always worried about it. Luckily, the
times can go on forever, it nearly never gets worn out with

Act II
Now what the fuck. I swear, I like a taste of random in
everything just like everyone else, but she’s all over. The
only way to have a memorable evening with her is by
accident! You try and plan something? Isn’t gonna happen.
You can spend all the time you want, but you put it to
paper.. pfffft! Gone, ruined or glory. Too risky for my
Now this girl is nice. Smooth, supple, easy to work with
and fast to have fun. I'm talkin instant gratification.
Now, she’s a little picky yeah, and a short memory for
sure. But I like her the best. I think i’s gonna work with
her more in a few weeks....

wow, i’m sorry, that was completely uncalled for. I'm not
sure what happened. Umm, ugh! I fell all sleazy and
manly... feh! i’m gonna go listen to enya and maybe a
little kate bush. oooo! or winter by tori, yeah!
see ya!