Do I get my lap dance now?
2001-10-24 03:47:18 (UTC)

We'll spend some time forever.

I was researching Massachussettes (Fake I.D. Land) this
past weekend, and I came to the conclusion that it's on the
other side of the continent. I didn't know that! I was
totally hoping it was where Ohio is. So now, the road trip
that was once planned to be taken down the Pacific Coast
has been rerouted, with a pit stop in York, Nebraska for
beer and college boys. I'm going to MA and Fake I.D. had
better have a show that weekend or we're all camping out on
Nick's front porch.

Am I a stalker? Probably. But if they're gonna be rock
stars, they'd better get used to it... Right? Or are they
gonna call the cops on me?

So according to poor planning, this trip will hit the
following places:

Start: Port Orchard, WA
York, NE
some place in IN
Staten Island, NY
Raynham, MA
Finish: Tyler, TX

April doesn't especially appreciate this idea, but we're
driving without directions. I think it'll be more exciting
this way. To start off, I'll take whichever road is
labeled "east" and then start pulling over to gas stations
to ask for directions. It should work out nicely.

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before you let *anyone* stick a nail through your ear!