Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
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2001-10-24 03:41:02 (UTC)

another boring entry

Time: 11:35pm
Listening: Slow Ride by Sublime
mood: annoyed
wearing: giant t-shirt and shorts

so, right now I should be sleepin, studying, doing homework
but I ain't seems to me there are a lot of stuff that I
should be doing, but can't seem to figure out why.

Made a bet with my friend VInce today, that I won't hook up
with Chance within three weeks... at least if it doesn't
happen I get 20$ out of it. Now all I gotta worry about is
not worry... but, why else would I be put on this damned
earth if I had anything better to do but worry about
meaningless shit? I just wanna pass my course in College,
and find happiness.... seems that I did in one tiny pill.
Right now the fuckers underneath me are blasting their
crappy rap... so I won't sleep..maybe I'll make a noise
complaint again! "haha! fuckers!" but...I'm too lazy... I
have a test tomorrow in design.... hopefully my 10 minutes
of studying while I was on icq will help!
But, I got three more days of worrying about school and
then I'm allowed to get fucked right up! well, wish me
luck! I hope that the bullshit of a day tomorrow goes by
quick enough!