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2001-10-24 00:25:57 (UTC)

I will just ignore my enemies - when my thoughts speaks loudly

Tuesday I walked much to schools near from my home town.
It was easy because the worst was to walk and climb
three milles a day. With bags of books through seven hours
without pause. In real was a square with one mille side.
It means twelve killometers of streets up and down with
sun or light rain.
After all those things I returned home town. I could see
better the enemies because what they are saying. They are
addicted and it is a character from them. Yes the worst enemies has damaged minds and it makes them damage again.
I need to show them to my truly friends to protect from
liers and hypocrisis. They really could hurt people.
Reason because good people deserve lakes and water pools
of rain and toughs are in flames in some dark cold no name
I saw a star near from Moon. It is visible so may be Mars.
Orange planet.
I see Mel she wasn't anymore with that friend of false
friends. I guess the line was reached and them liers gone
out. I will make company tomorrow morning to her while
she is going to school bus stop. I think she deserve to
know thanks not only implied. To think about is not an
action. The real help is made of something better than
words. When the false friends are like enemies. When
the friends are lovers.
I just ignore enemies and false friends right to me.
And will show my friends who I am and why they chose me
instead those toughs every people could find on streets.
I would like to burn up all enemies of me and have place
only to spend time with truly and beloved friends.

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