2001-10-24 03:25:09 (UTC)

New feelings,

I got these new feelings about the dude. Let's see what
have we seen so far from him:

Personality / or - / Appearance
sweet as hell weird contacts
deep thinker funky hair
unstereotypical tatoos, piercings
unjudgemental ever changing style
up for anything
in to the same
stuff as I
much in common
flirty :0)

(by the way, what do you expect, I like graphs, they just
let you see things more clearly.)
But as you have read before, I didn't know if he liked me,
or if he was high, or if he just want's someone to make out
with when he comes. Well the 3rd one is still a
possibility, but, I have come to a new conclusion, and will
believe so until he proves other wise. Here it is:
I think that, to him, I'm just a groupy. Which would
explain that he doesn't mind my age. Maybe he's going
around here and ther partying hardy like a guy his age
should. (Which reminds me, how old is he? I forgot.) Point
being, maybe I'm (like Monica (the singer) says, "cause I
don't wanna be, just another name in your little black
book.") I hope not, but I'm really starting not to care as
much as I did. (Thank the goddess.) Since I was so eager to
talk to him for almost a week, (cause our last conversation
was really swell,) well the most recent one kinda sucked
compared to that one. I am glad that he was less busy,
(cause I can tell a lot of people IM him,) I didn't know
what to talk about with him. The conversation was really
dry. I did find out several funny things from our
fave food=steak
fave wheather unknown raining in the sun
=raining in the sun
musician musician/military unknown
likes all sorts love music and
of music and art love art
into horoscopes into horoscopes
Pisces Aries? Capricorn
A L L L O V E T O P A R T Y H A R D Y ! ! !
tall, dark & tall dark &
handsome handsome

P.S. stands for

Funny how we are all verry different yet all verry the
same. (Teresa, if you don't know who J is I'll tell you
I wanna get to know him better but I guess we gotta meet
for that to happen. That could also be why he doesn't wanna
get with me. (Or it's because he's prabobaly only gonna see
me like twice in his life time, if I'm lucky.)

I don't know I was gonna write something else, (and alot
too,) (but then I got high. lol) but I forgot. So I'll
catch some zzzz...

-Sealed with a blue rose,

P.S. I can smell it again, love is in the air! :0)