R. Gilley

The Confessions of a Good Man
2001-10-24 03:21:25 (UTC)


I have found myself in many places emotionally, but here
lately I am experiencing a new emotion. This emotion is
unlike any other. It is unique yet common. SO! I am calling
it "weird".

Unfortunately, all I can feel now is "weird". It is quite
frankly "weird" how "weird" I feel lately. My friends have
told me that it is normal to feel "weird" around this time
of year. Leaves are falling and so is my mood. Winter (i.e
Death) is coming and my soul is feeling it.

I have developed a theory about how mood and seasons are
inter-related. There are four seasons... Spring...
Summer... Autumn... Winter. There are basically four ways
one's mood can move... It can Rise... It can peak out... It
can fall... It can bottom out.

I'm beginning to think that our moods correspond to the
seasons more so than we realize.

It is Autumn... and my mood is falling fast.
Soon it will be Winter... and my mood as well as my soul
will feel dead.

I wish it were Spring.