The Story of Me
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2001-10-24 03:19:31 (UTC)

It's been awhile...

It's been well over a month since I've written, and I don't
know if there is really anything interesting to say. I
recently celebrated my 21st birthday. Not too much
celebrating though. I went out with 3 of my closest guy
friends, had a couple of drinks, and shot some pool. It was
a good night. I had a lot of fun. I got my job back at the
portrait studio, and I'm still having mixed feelings about
that one. Some days, I really love my job, I really love
the people that I work with, and the customers that I have.
Then other days, it's just horrible, and I wish I was
anywhere but there. It seems that all of the picky,
irrational, bitchy customers have a set day to all come in
at once, and of course, that has to be a day that I am
working. Home is good, for a change. My brothers and I are
getting along great, especially Bruce and I. We were never
really close when we were younger, but now that he is 16,
and growing up a little bit, we get along fine. We even
have our own little inside jokes that we laugh about. which
is cool. Jon is still a little brat at times, but he's
getting better too. He's 13, and I expect the bratty
attitude, but it's his temper that I hate sometimes. Like
today, he wanted to make candy apples, and I told him that
I would, so we were in the middle of doing that, we were
talking, and something didn't go right, and he just flew
off the handle. I think it was because he's 2 weeks late on
a homework assignment, and he's not allowed to use the
computer until he makes it up. But thats really all that is
going on right now. Exciting huh? Well, I am going to end
this, I have to get up early in the morning for work. Yay!!
i'll try to write again within the next month.

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