Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-10-24 02:52:51 (UTC)

I'll never tell....

Well, first of all, just let me say, that I'm glad to have
the internet back. It turns out our payment was a little
late.. so they disconnected us. Fortunately, I got out
mom's checkbook and wrote the check to Connectlink myself;)
So.. I'm back in business.

Ok, Saturday night... was great. I had so much fun. Me and
Ash went to Jen's house around 7 and we sat around for
awhile until we finally got ahold of Mike. He said he'd be
there at 9 and we were gonna go see "Don't say a word".
So.. while waiting for Mike to get there.. me, Ash, and Jen
played a nice little game of Trouble:) hehe. It was
intense! haha Well, about 10 after 9 we get a call from
Mike. Turns out.. he had gotten pulled over for speeding.
HAHAHAHA... it was hilarious. Sooooo... we told him we'd
just meet him at the theatre. We went to the movie, and I
have to say, I enjoyed it. It was probably a lot more
enjoyable watching it with Ash sittin beside me tho, cause
we were laughing thru the whole thing. Not that it was
stupid or anything, we were just.. well.. being retarted.

The next morning at church, I come in.. and Mike
immediately goes "There's a good reason for why I'm wearign
the same clothes I had on last night." I wouldn't have even
notice had he not said anything. "Why is that?" "I locked
my keys in my car after I dropped Jen off at her house."
Once again, HAHAHAHAHAH... wow... Mike was just having bad
luck this weekend!

Oh oh oh oh, I got my CD!!!!! Yay:) Finally. I was happy.
22 songs on it too... wow... thanks Matt! *sticker* haha;)

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