Bipolar - Fucked up
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2001-10-24 02:27:02 (UTC)

im so worried

im so worried. im sitting home, while my sister is in the
hospital right now, with the possibility of going into an
heartattack from an overdose that she took tonight, that
she got from someone thats supposed to be my friend. like
she didnt know it was gonna do more than fuck her up. she
gave my sister, depicote, a bottle of robo, and three
perscription medications, one of which could cause fatal
heartattacks, what the fuck was she thinking. now my
sisters lying in the hospital bed and im not even there.
they said if she comes home than chances are by the end of
the week shell end up in inpatient rehab anyway b/c her
problem was worse than they thought. i dont know what to do
anymore. ive been in her shoes b4, but ive never been that
bad i had to be in rehab, and our older sister has been in
rehab nine times. and we try to help out my younger sister
but she just doesnt get it. i dont wanna have to identify
her body one day. i just lost my friend about a month ago
to an overdose and i dont wanna lose my sister too. i just
dont know what i can do.

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