Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-24 02:18:34 (UTC)

poor brandon....

Tonight was our Parade of Bands. It went pretty good
(although the 6th grade "hutted" better than us...
and "marked timed marked" better... and "forward marched"
better than us... they're just too enthusiastic) until we
were exiting. Tonight we were just supposed to walk along
the track to the cadence, and Friday night we were supposed
to play China Grove... well, that kinda didn't happen. We
got to the middle along the bleachers, and Brandon all of a
sudden (and I'm going to safely guess Justin had something
to do with it...) goes into the roll-off. So here goes
half our band playing China Grove (badly, I must add) and
the other half going "whatthefuck". To make things worse,
Beth, our drum major, was BEHIND me!!! (Flags were last,
and I was the last flag, and she was behind me) so there
was no one conducting. Ouch. Mr. J was pissed. I was
gonna give Brandon crap (like I usually do) until I talked
to him on MSN, and he was SO mad about it... now I just
feel bad for him. He was SERIOUSLY depressed... he knows
Mr. J's mad at him for doing that. He better be feeling
better tomorrow...

"so sorry..."

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