Where shouldI begin, perhas in the close
2001-10-24 01:59:08 (UTC)

On the road again...

I really couldn't think of a title so I just put the
name ofthe song that is on the radio right now. Now back
to the old updatng sitting here with my ct,8-ball, like
some cheap stephen king rip-off. I don't capitalize his
name because he doesn't deserve it. As soon as he writes
something that scares the shit out of e like Clive Barker,
aka Horror God, then i will be more than glad to put his
name in caps.
Anyways, Just to update all my loyal fans out there,
yea I know, I wish, Rosie and I aren't together, it has
been declared by god himself that my head was to explode if
I have to deal with her shit anymore, guess what? Kept the
head dealt with the girl. Excuse me, sorry I have to
clearify this, it was a "mutual" decision. Whatever. This
is funny, she said that she didn't know how much fun it is
to be single and she has to know she can take care of
herself first. Riiiiiiight. But she still wants to be
with me, she just can't have me tieing her down. Ok lets
think about it... 1.I am moving out on my own within the
next couple of weeks. 2.I feel as though I am a very
attractive man. 3.As soon as my lawyer sends me this paper
I will have enough money i will never have to work another
day in life, I will anyways to give me something to do,
and I am excited about my upcoming security job. 4.I will
be out of highschool after this semester so I can just head
off to college, which I have been preaccepted to basically
every technical college in the state,and the one I amgoing
to is 15min from my house. 5.In 4years I will have my
masters and be making even more money programming
videogames for some software corporation having fun sitting
on my ass all day. Ok ladies and gentlemen we have hit
ground zero. I am "growing up", sort of, very quickly. I
don't need her and her pathetic cosmo fucking opra wunna be
Springer problems.
Fear has crept my way again. Any of you who have been
around anyone who is pregnant, from the beginning that is,
will say"ohh shit". 1.Rosie has bad mood swings, and an
even worse temperment. 2.I am noiceing a "pudge" coming
from under her shirt that wasn't there before. 3.Literally
she was fighting with me at 11 o'clock at night to go to
the store and get her a fucking snickers bar and drive
across town and give it too her, or better yet, wake up
early and bring it to her at school. NO WAY!!! I didn't
even go today, I din't feel like it. I don't care if I
miss or if I fail, school is very boring. I havn't learned
anything for like 3years with a few exceptions. It will
all be over very soon though, and for that I am thankful.
Something youall might find funny that rosie said to
me the other day. I was trying to leave so I just kept
teling her that I hope joe makes her happy when he comes
back and a bunchof majorleague shit I just wanted her out
of my house so i could leave and go see Ashleigh, my ex.
She said almost these exact words "when he comes back if I
havn't found anyone that makes me happy then me & him are
gunna buy a house or apartment and live together and get
engaged, you know nothin' serious." See what I have to
deal with. I just think it is funny. I really could care
less who she is with or wants to be with as long as I am
not involved i any of it. The whole emotional hurt
bullshit is gone. Now all I want to know is if she is
havin' my kid. If not, see ya'! Is she is, I am what you
could say screwed.
Anyways, I did go see Ashleigh, but she wasn't there
te second time I went, the time where I had more than 15min
to talk, so I just spentthe time shootin' the perverbial
shit with her mom. Her mom loves me. I am the only
boyfried she has ever had that her mom really loves. It i
funny. I kinda miss havin her around, and I'm not saying
nothing will come between us because it might, but thats
not what I am after. Well I need to do an Eng. paper due
tomorrow, so I will see you on the flip side. Keep reading
because knowledge is power, and power is money.