The Boy Looked At Johnny
2001-10-24 01:44:56 (UTC)

October 24, 2001. Night.

This is apparently the namedropper's edition:

A postcard from Melinda in Canada yesterday; what a

I'm planning a Katie's Birthday/Joel's Birthday/My
Apartment Is Clean Now party for Saturday night, and
planning to invite however many people I know and love that
can fit in my little place (tentatively: Katie, Branum,
Joel, Aerie, Nate, Dave, Dennis, Kira, Bradley, Brett
Berry, Elizabeth, Bradley's girl-accomplice [Amy?], Curious
Orange, Ryan, Matt, Kelly Grady, Ellena, Laura Smalley,
Aubree Clarke, Carrie, Connor, Jackie, Johnny, Erin
[Jackie's roommate and a nice person], Pat & Kate [Joel's
friends and also nice people], Noel and anyone else any of
these people should happen to bring.) If a bomb fell on my
apartment that night whiile I'd stepped out for beer, I'd
be a lonely man indeed.

Now I'm off to see 'From Hell.' By myself.

UPDATE, APRIL 18, 2002
The "Ryan" there is Curious Orange's boyfriend at the time. Actually,
they had broken up the previous week, a fact I was unaware of at the
time of this writing. Needless to say, he didn't make it. He's a good
guy, I see him around once in awhile. The "Matt" is Matt Loeser, whom
I worked with at Preston's.