Inside me
2001-10-24 01:38:20 (UTC)

well yeah, i DO have feelings...does that come as a suprise?

It's dark outside
and it's cold tonight
I hope you'll stay a while
I'm shivering now
but who really cares
Thinking of you makes me smile

Last night was different
never knew i'd feel like this
And you can probably see it in my face
I like being in this place
I want your arms around me
I want you close beside me

It's dark outside
It's been quite the night
I'm wish you'd have stayed a while
I'm shaking now
and who really cares
the thought of you makes me smile

walk me in the park
they'll let us go alone
you can kiss me in the park
and i'll let you drive me home

It's so dark outside
and it's a cold, cold night
Too bad you didn't stay a while
I'm a little sad now
but who really cares
cause the thought of you still makes me smile